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Dear Members and Friends of First Presbyterian Church South Charleston,


Governor Justice has announced today, the indefinite closing of all schools.  Health officials are calling on us to be proactive in preventing the virus, rather than waiting for it to become a pandemic in our state.  After much prayer and deliberation, I feel we need to be part of the solution, rather than  be a breach to your health safety.  Many of our congregation are in the high-risk category in age or have weakened immune systems.  To that end, I am announcing that We Have Cancelled:


Bluestone Luncheon


Sunday School


Youth Program




Until Further Notice.  


We will have virtual worship on Sunday.  This means you can worship in the safety of your home, while watching your worship leaders, lead you through the livestreaming service. 


We ask that you not come to the sanctuary for worship.  We will livestream worship through our facebook page.  After the service, the recorded version of the service will be posted on our web page, in case you do not have a facebook account. You have time between now and Sunday morning to set up a facebook account, even if you only use it to participate in worship. When you set up an account just search for "First Presbyterian Church South Charleston."  We are blessed to have the ability to worship in the safety of our homes through the Mevo system.  In all my years of ministry, I have never cancelled a worship service, so I am pleased that we can continue to have worship while following the recommendations of health officials. 


We will keep you posted about future activities as this situation unfolds. 


There are several people in our congregation who do not have nor use email.  Would you please call those people you know who need notified?


Please trust that God is working to bring the best outcome from this national crisis. Let us continue to pray, and listen for God's guidance.  Let us not live in fear but with faith in God. 


May God's Peace Be With Us All,

Pastor Sharon


Sharon Gearing

C - 682-227-4263

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