Watch This Amazing Performance

Mark Hornbaker


We want to thank Mark for all his hard work and dedication to present us with such a wonderful performance celebrating the birth of our Savior

           The Messiah Ensemble

 *including guests from the audience join in to sing *

        The Hallelujah Chorus 

the soloists

Mark Hornbaker-Tenor
Ash Cowder-Tenor
Brenda Skeen-Mezzo Soprano
Gena Brooks Ryan-Mezzo Soprano
Jenna Skeen-Soprano
Collin Nelson-Baritone
Ashley Miller Dannewitz-Soprano
Carla Hoskins-Mezzo Soprano
Andrea Elkins-Mezzo Soprano
Kathi Elkins-Soprano


Melissa Scherrep-Clarinet

Betty King -Flute

Jim Kahre-Clarinet

Bobby Hodge-Oboe,

Flute, Clarinet

Zachary Long-Trumpet

Melissa Scherrep-Clarinet

The Choir Members



Kandi Bradford

Kathi Elkins

Peggy King

Ashley Dannewitz Miller

Becky Nelson

Caroline Chamness Rainey

Jenna L Skeen

Lee Snyder

Andrea Elkins

Carla Kay Hoskins

Sandy Melton

Gena Brooks Ryan

Belinda Skeen


Doug Calderwood

Ash Cowder

Dave Long

Joe Wallace

Mike Warwick


James Cochran

Bob Cruickshank

John Melton

Bill Miller

Collin Nelson

Zhora Papoian

Chuck Taylor

 Copyright 2016 First Presby of South Charleston