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The team from our church was lead and organized by Dave Long for Habitat for Humanity. The team worked very hard in mud and a  big drop in temperature.   According to Dave the team shoveled 9.7 tons of gravel which is about three truckloads behind and around the driveway and retaining wall of  one new home being newly constructed for a family to have a new home.  The team also worked on some framing work for the heating/cooling system at another house.  They also did some general clean up around several of the houses under construction.  The team also salvaged some materials to take to the Re-Store.  Members from several future homeowners groups worked with them.

photo  credit to Vickie Calderwood, Joe Fuller , and Becky Nelson

 Sarah Halstead
Jim and Judy Lowe , Vickie Calderwood
joe and zack.PNG
Zack Long and Joe Fuller
group with Becky Nelson.PNG
vickie calderwood.PNG
Vickie Calderwood pitched right in and worked hard

A big thank you to each and everyone that came out to work to help offer someone a new home! Awesome job!!

Becky Nelson
joe fuller and judy lowe.PNG
jim lowe lisa calderwood.PNG
judy lowe.PNG
group habitat.PNG
vickie and doug.PNG
zac long.PNG
Joe Fuller and Judy Lowe shows some good team work
Jim and Judy  are photogenic
Finally a pic of  Dave Long dressed in his WVU gear!
Zack Long 
Vickie Calderwood , Doug Calderwood , and Aaron Johnson working as a team shoveling all that gravel
Doug Calderwood, Becky Nelson, Zac Long, and Aaron Johnson
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