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Together we “serve the Lord with gladness.”


The elders invite all persons, all ages, members and friends of First Presbyterian

Church of South Charleston to share their time and many talents.

Through committees, we share our gifts and resources. We ask that every person participate in a committee as a symbol of your desire to be an active member of this church fellowship.

We are only as strong as the volunteers and dreamers who help us plan and

prepare our church programming.


You are needed.


You do make a difference.

Do not wait to be invited.


There is something here for everyone.

Our work will not reach its full potential without you.  Committee meetings are the first

Tuesday of each month at 7 pm.


Personnel, Nominations, Policies

Bob Lilly-Chair


Sunday School, Wednesday Night Bible Study, Youth Group, Vacation Bible School

Chair-Rick Smith


Retreats, Bluestone, Meals, Welcome on Wednesdays
Chair-Rick Smith

Local Projects, Evangelism, Care, Mission Trips

Chair-Bill Kimmons

Buildings, Grounds, Repairs, Upkeep, Inventory

Chair -Mark Lovin

Budget, Offerings, Long-Range Plans

Chairs-Bob Lilly

Worship &  Music
Ushers, Liturgical Schedule, Communion, Worship/Musical Programming, Pulpit Supply, Guests

Chairs- Chuck Knurek

Congregational Care

Creative Tech and Communications   

Supports web site, social media, advertising, multimedia

Chair-Mark Lovin

Table by the Window
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Sarah Clemente
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