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   Words That Inspire 


        Pastor Sharon

                                 What Bulbs Can We Plant?




Yes, I know its Christmas season. Ed Thompson, our General Presbyter asked this question at the November presbytery meeting. He told about a church which just recently planted hundreds of daffodil bulbs. They planted them as an act of hope and faith this fall. They believe that we will indeed have new life to come. In the spring when those bulbs bloom everyone will be able to experience symbolic new life after the hard COVID winter. Let’s spend some time now considering what bulbs we are planting for our future? While we are homebound this winter…. while we are physically isolating… Let’s consider what bulbs or seeds are we planting for our lives to come. Are you keeping in touch with the people who are important to you, and cultivating your relationships? Are you studying scripture now so it can feed your soul both now and into the future when you are busy with activities? Are you considering what is most important to you, so that when we are able to return to a more active life, you have planted the bulbs of your priorities? Are you planting seeds of generosity? Instead of focusing internally perhaps you can plant seeds of outreach and support for your neighbors in Christ. Are you planting a deeper relationship with God through prayer? How about planting the bulbs of faith for others by inviting your friends and family to join you in livestream worship each Sunday morning, or conference call Bible Study with Tom Davis? (This is a time when you can worship with each other no matter how many miles separate you.) I don’t believe that God sent the pandemic, but God is certainly working in the midst of it. This time of reduced activity is an opportunity! It’s an opportunity to deepen our lives and our faith, to consider our priorities, and become more intentional about how we live. Let’s take time now to prepare our lives for the better in the future. Let’s prepare the soil and plant the bulbs of better life, the life God wants for us in the future. Christmas Blessings to All, Pastor Sharon

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