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A Note from Your Pastor: It is with much excitement that I am looking forward to the summer here at First Presby, South Charleston. As the weather evens out and the sun is shining, I will have the ability to walk to town and meet with the people of the city’s commercial business district, and I look forward to the festivities that center around the Mound, as well. In our church family, I am hoping that we can come together as a community of faith and share in a picnic and possibly an outdoor movie on the back parking lot. All of these ideas are in the planning stage; if you have ideas for the summer, please let me know so that we can look into those as well. Summer is a time for relaxation and rejuvenation. I am hoping that all of us can all benefit from a little distraction from the fast pace of the business year and sink into a lawn chair with friends and cold glass of iced tea! God’s blessings on each of you during the summer, wherever you travel and wherever chill. Grace & Peace, Pastor Ginna
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