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   Words That Inspire 
       Pastor Ginna

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A Note from the Pastor I’m sitting here by the window watching the snow fall and feeling the awesome power of God.  There is such a stillness in the snow, and yet the snow is a mighty force.  No one is moving outside; and this reminds me that there are times when we need to slow down, even come to a stop.  Snow makes us do that. Stop…listen to the utter quiet…be still with God. February also brings us Valentine’s Day.  I’m looking forward to the Presbyterian Women’s meeting on February 8th at 2 p.m. in the Parlor.  All are welcome.  There is always lots of love in the room! Speaking of love, I want to invite all of you to worship on Sunday morning.  I can’t tell you how many people remark on the outstanding love and caring that they feel when they are gathered in our Sanctuary.  You are loved immensely by all here…including God.  We also offer our services on line via our website and Facebook Live.  Join us…we want to share God’s love with you. We are entering the season of Lent this month.  Ash Wednesday is on the 14th.    I will be beginning 2 lent studies: • Tuesday mornings at 10 o’clock in the Sanctuary, in depth Bible studies of the depictions in the stain glass windows, beginning February 20th • And, Thursday mornings at 10 o’clock on Facebook Live using the book ‘Psalms of Wonder’ and also from daily devotions of Deitrich Bonhoeffer, beginning February 15th During this month of love, know that you are loved totally by God.  It IS the best message for the month.


Blessings Ginna Taylor, Pastor 

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