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100th Anniversary Memories


We received on Thursday 8/15 during South Charleston City Council recognizing our church existence for 100 years in the City of South Charleston and proclaimed Saturday August 17,2019 as First Presbyterian Church of South Charleston Day in the city. 

Hersha Brown

Anniversary Committee Chair

l-r Bob Lilly, Sharon Gearing,Cheryl Eary, Hersha Brown

Mayor Frank A MullensJr.

Presby Pride Basketball Reunion

On Saturday August 17th at Little Creek Country Club, Tom Titus, past basketball coach for  First Presbyterian Church of South Charleston, held a reunion of all past players.  The event was held from 1p to 5 p with an amazing turnout. It was a blessing to see these players see each other and remember their past bond, friendship , and accomplishments as a team.

photos by C. Eary

Bob Lilly and John Stansbury

Tom Titus


David Myers

Bob and Owen welcoming past team members

Our only female player that attended ,Sarah Halstead talking 

to Mike Condaras

Blast from the Past

David Watson

David Myers

Pat Matthews

Lynn and Kevin Snowden with Tom Titus

Doug Althouse and John France

Stan Groff

David  Condee

Kevin Snowden

Lynn Snowden

Rod Jones

Mark Young

Michael Hudson

Jeff Campbell with Tom Titus

Tom McGinnis

Mike Hudson and Dave Long

The Confessional

Pastor Sharon Gearing with Lynn Snowden

Tom and Sharon Titus

Tom and Joe Dunn

Terry Johnson

Stan Johnson

Chris and Kate Underwood

Photos by Steve Blackwell

Steve Blackwell and Tom Titus, we have a winning coach!

           100th Celebration

Barbecue on August 17th

Reception on August 18th 

A sea of familiar faces! God showered us with many blessings and love!

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