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(now in its second edition)
Maxine Greene, Ph.D., Teachers College, Columbia University, teacher, author, existential  philosopher of education
Obviously written by a careful scholar and person of integrity and rather beautiful ideas. There is something lovely and authentic and very personal about his work. I feel the rarity of what he talks about.
   Patty O' Grady, Teacher, Educator
Author of
  "Positive Psychology in the Classroom"
 W. Norton
Hunter O'Hara crafts a rare work of significance that encapsulates the art of great teaching. The focus of the book on the transcendent teacher learner relationship reveals the core of educational effectiveness. Wrapped up in the unique package of teacher as shaman, this book gifts the reader great insight and powerful examples. Revives teaching as joyous - a must read for all educators.
 Edyth James Wheeler, Ph.D. Professor Emerita, Towson University, teacher and author of 
 "Conflict Resolution in Early Childhood: Helping  Children Understand and Resolve Conflicts"
At once humbling and empowering, this work will not fail to touch its readers and, ultimately, bring to learners authentic caring, love, hope, and a sense of being valued. The very real stories of the teachers and learners that are revealed here in their portraits leap vividly off the pages of the book.         Hunter O'Hara's bold vision of schools of transcendence is the next crucial step toward transcendent relationships and community consciousness. Readers will be inspired by this vision in Dr. O'Hara's ground-breaking work and will be able to look within themselves for the capacity to become shamanic transcendent teachers. 
                 Clark Moustakas, Ed.D., Ph.D.,
    Founder of the Center for Humanistic Studies
(now with the Michigan School of Professional Psychology) of " Hunter O"Hara's original research
I entered into Hunter O'Hara's work and experienced many moments that moved me deeply, at     times with great joy but also with feelings of sadness in the awareness that transcendent     relationships are rare and that many children and adults go through an entire lifetime without     knowing one of life's treasures - the mystery, beauty, and wonder of a loving relationship. His writing     is vivid and alive and with passion and depth portrays the nature and essence of the constituents of     a transcendent relationship.
   Dr. William Conti
                      A Template for all relationships:
   As a Psychologist and Jungian/Analytically-oriented clinician 
I was deeply impacted and alsodelighted to be taken on a voyage in some of those familiar waters from an educational perspective by Dr. O’Hara’s excellent book. applied to the teacher/learner dyad, opened a broadened panoramato me of how to regard connections and interactions between individuals.Dr. O’Hara’s deft ability to integrate his scholarly, impeccably-researched and systematic presentation of the contrast between didactic and dialogic model of teacher/learner dynamics with his own personal experiences as an educator, including his account of many deeply personal, warm and poignant tales of personalities engaged in very human interactions is impressive. As I drawn into each of these intimate accounts, I could see why this author chose the Heuris approach as his research methodology. Transcending the limits and constrictions of rigid  role toward genuine encounters with one another is beautifully illustrated here with the frequent use terms like: “care”, “tact”, “openness”,“trust”,“freedom”, “safety”, “mutuality”, “bonding”, “confidence”, “risk”, etc. Dr. O’Hara seamlessly weaves these concepts into the broad and comprehensive tapestry he has woven here for not just the teacher/learner dyad but as a master course and model of what all human interactions could be. In this wonderful book, Dr. O’Hara presents a vision of a world where, what we call “education”, exists and occurs on an entirely elevated plane yet is firmly situated within the institutional and social structures and milieus existing now. He is not waiting for the “system” to change; He is providing a roadmap toward that change.
Patricia Dunn-Fierstein, LCSW, CST-T, Jungian Psychotherapist, author of the forthcoming novel Finding Grace

 In an era when teachers are losing more of their power and free-will in the classroom every day,      Hunter O'Hara reminds us all to stay connected to the truth: Authentic education is a co-mingling of      souls, and both teacher and learner have so much to gain when they harness the power of the      transcendent. Dr. O'Hara gathers the wisdom of the ages and then performs the remarkable task of      offering us a grounded road map, enabling courageous teachers to bring these gifts to their      students. Transcendent Teacher Learner Relationships: The Way of the Shamanic Teacher should      be required reading in all education programs.  

Hunter O'Hara's scholarly articles are published in a variety of peer reviewed journals. A select list appears below:


Journal of Early Childhood Education

Choral Journal: American Choral Directors Association

Journal of the Professoriate

Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education

College Quarterly

Multicultural Education

Encounter: Thrust for Educational Leadership

Childhood Education

Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice

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