Honoring our Fathers

Happy Father's Day

Tom titus

 Charles E          Johnson

Charles passed away two years ago.  He had five children, eight grandchildren, and thirteen great-grandchildren.
William Higginbotham
Father of  Martha Setterstrom and Lora Hayes 
He had 6 children
John Stenhouse Kimmons, Bill Kimmons’s father. He was a charter member of the Army/Airforce Band that was created during the Second World War. He was a professional tuba player with the Silver Slipper Orchestra before the war. He raised four children, two teachers, one school counselor, and a preacher.
Joe Fuller 
Father of  Amanda Fuller

Ira Woodrow Fuller

Father of two  girls and four boys
Passed away  in 2000
Charlie Perry
Passed away 5/20/2020

Ron Honaker

Father of Debbie Fuller who died in a hunting accident 1990
Mark Hornbaker
Father of Dina and Hannah 
Rick Hayes
Father of Rich , Kristi, and David
Rev.  Ray Gearing
Father of Sandra, Cynthia, Shawna  and Pastor Sharon

Chris Luzier

Father of  Beau and Quinn

David Grayson

Father of Jessica Luzier, Jacob and John
Grandfather to Beau and Quinn
Bob Eads with son Neil
1918 to 1984
Ernest Wesley Pettry
Father of Cheryl Pettry Eary and Carol Pettry Garlow
1914 to 2005
Father of George and Flora
George A Brown Jr
Marvin L Arnold Sr. 
Father of Avis, Lloyd, Eddy, and Hersha 
Felix A Lilly
Dad had 2 sons , Bob and David, and one daughter Martha.
Our whole family were members of this church. Dad passed 14 yrs ago at the age of 95. He was an Elder and a Sunday School teacher.
Bob Lilly
Father of Bobby and  Kelly
James Cardwell
Father of Nancy Knurek
He had 6 children, 11 grandchildren, and 14 great grandchildren.
Chuck Knurek
Chuck has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. 
George Woo
George and his family were long time members of our church 
Lisa still very active 
Father of  Lisa Woo and the late Matt Woo
Jim Halstead II
Left to right, Sarah Halstead, Jim Halstead II, Jim Halstead Senior, John Halstead, Genevieve Halstead, Mark Halstead, Rebecca Halstead, and Matt Halstead. Year is about 1979?
Bill Kimmons
John Melton
Children: Lisa , Nick and Bryan
 6 grandchildren: 3 boys and 3 girls
Tom Davis
Father of Duane and Adrienne
Duane has a computer PHD, Navy helicopter career, now into robotics. 
Adrienne, M.A, works in compensation benefits, WVU.  
We have two precious grandkids, Kayla and Jacob, children of Adrienne, WVU students. . 
Barry Williamson
             Leslie and Chad
Barry, Tom (Leslie's husband), Leslie, Chin Wang(foreign exchange student family member, Janet and Chad
Aaron Johnson
Bryce and Bailey
Zach Green
    Freddie and Bella 
David Boland
    Chase Boland
Glen Snyder
Melissa, Cathy, and Patti
Ezra Vannatter
Father of Michael,Catherine,Mary Louise (deceased),Margaret,Chris,Patrick,William,Teresa ,John,Rebecca (Becky Smith),Nancy, Robert
33 grandchildren, 61 great- granchildren, 6 great-great grandchildren
July 11 1923- October 21, 2004
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