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 Updates  for  First Presby                          of
      South Charleston 
1. Call the church for updates on activities
2. Day Care is open 
3. Choir Practice :Updates coming soon
4. Church Services open to public with services starting at 11:30 am with streaming to Facebook and the services can also be viewed on website. If you would like to attend in person please call church office.  If you feel safe to worship in the sanctuary please seen the guidelines below.
5. Keep up with updates to stay connected by checking your e-mail, website, and Facebook.
6. The church still has financial obligations to meet. Please send your tithes and offerings to the church or us our on line app
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Cornavirus Resources

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Instructions on Streaming Our Services

1. We will start streaming  at 11:30 am Sunday Mornings on Facebook

2. Have your device you are using to watch up ready to use

3. You may hear better using a headset or earbuds

4. When streaming starts make sure you have "unmuted" the speaker icon at the right lower corner of the screen on the live stream from Mevo.

5. Please give us feedback in the live stream if you cannot hear us. Please include what type of device you are streaming from

Thank You !  We can only improve our streaming services if we receive feedback

* Please put your prayer requests in the comment section of Facebook feed!!!

Check on your church friends,  take a walk, meditate on God's promises, pray, be creative, find on line activites, work a puzzle, dance ,  and keep updated and safe!

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Your Session Members meeting via Zoom.


Meet and Greet Maundy Thursday

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